Some Causes of CellPhones Turning Itself Off and Easy Ways to Overcome Them
Some Causes of CellPhones Turning Itself Off and Easy Ways to Overcome Them

Some Causes of CellPhones Turning Itself Off and Easy Ways to Overcome Them

Almost everyone nowadays  has a cellphone.  Unfortunately, sometimes such devices suddenly turn off on their own without knowing the cause. Therefore,  it is very important for you to learn first such as the  cause of the cellphone turning itself off and how to overcome it easily.

What Are the Causes of Hp Turning Itself Off?

The condition of the cellphone that suddenly turns itself off  is  certainly very headache for most people. Therefore,  it is very important to know what are the causes.   That way,  it will be easier  to deal with it according to the cause.  Here are some of these causes:

  1. Redundant Junk Files

When the cellphone turns off by itself,    this could happen because of excessive junk files.  In other words, the cellphone  has too much cache.  Of course, if the existence  is piled up, it can burden the  performance of the cellphone so that it  can die suddenly.  Moreover, the cache can also  meet the RAM.

This  can  even still happen even though the cellphone  battery is still full. The characteristics are that the  cellphone will feel heavy and slow when you use it  because the system works harder than usual. Therefore  ,  it is important to periodically delete cached files.

  1. Battery Drop

When the cellphone suddenly turns itself off, most likely this happens because the battery condition  is dropping. This is generally the case with mobile phones that have been around for too long.  No wonder the percentage of the battery  decreases faster  even if you don’t do strenuous activities though.

Therefore,  it is very important to immediately replace the battery.  It’s different when the cellphone is in  good health, then of course you only need to  charge it again  in a few hours.  That way,  the device will automatically  be able to  be useful again.

  1. Overheating

Another cause  that can make the cellphone turn off suddenly  is experiencing overhead.  Namely, the device feels very panes because it  works too hard. This  of course automatically  happens in order to avoid  damage to either the software  or hardware.

This  can  even still happen even if the battery  is full. The  normal temperature of a cellphone can run  a program or heavy  application is 40 degrees Celsius.  If it turns out to be more than  that temperature, it overheats so that it  can die suddenly.

  1. Corrupted Application System

A damaged application  system can also  cause the  phone  to turn off by itself without you previously expecting it.  No    wonder there are often  regular requests for software or software  updates  on the smartphone. This update process  itself is useful for fixing firmware bugs.

This firmware bug itself can make the device slower  when you use it.  Not only that, the cellphone will also  drain its battery  power faster  , causing instability in the  device system. This  happens in the form of frequent cellphones turning on and off or applications stopped.

  1. RAM and Chipset Overload

Another thing that can be the cause of the cellphone shutting down is RAM and chipset overload.  If this happens in the long term, it can cause the  cellphone  to turn off suddenly.  Generally,  this will happen to gamers because they often use heavy applications.

No  wonder the cellphone will heat up more easily so that it  can damage some of the functions of the  components in it. That is the  main reason why the cellphone can die by itself. Therefore,  it is very important to avoid using heavy  applications for a long time.

  1. Root Side Effects

Sometimes someone wants to  root it with the  aim of making  it easier to  access the entire phone system which was previously quite limited. However, it can  also  cause side effects.  No wonder it  can make the device turn itself off  suddenly.

This root action  itself is indeed not much different from   forcibly changing the software system.  Moreover, if you make a mistake in the  rooting process  , it will certainly endanger the smartphone so that it  can turn off automatically.

  1. Falling Into the Water

Does your phone often fall into the  water? If so, then this  condition could be  the cause of the  cellphone turning off by itself so that it  is quite difficult to turn on again.  The reason is, the water left in  the device can cause a short circuit.

Not only that,  this can also  damage the components in the  cellphone so that  it cannot turn on again.  Moreover,  it is not uncommon for someone to experience this  so they need to overcome it immediately.  Namely by drying the water using a dry cloth  and removing all its components.

  1. There are Damaged Components

In addition to some of the things above,  another cause  is the presence of damaged components on the cellphone.   No wonder it makes the device  turn off by itself. The  most frequent example is that  the power  button is damaged so it is difficult to turn on or off the cellphone.

What’s more, most smartphones have a design to  restart after holding the power within  8-10 seconds.  If it  doesn’t work, then of course  the button can be damaged.  No wonder it  can cause the cellphone  to turn off suddenly.

How to Solve a CellPhone That Suddenly Turns Off

After you know some of the causes of the cellphone turning itself off  above, it is also very important to understand how to deal with it. Therefore  , make sure to listen to the full review in  the explanation below:

  1. Performing Battery Calibration

To overcome a cellphone that turns off suddenly, then you can overcome it by calibrating the battery.  You  can do this  if the battery indicator is  in  an error.  For that, understand the  steps to overcome it below:

  • The first step  you can do is to discharge the battery first
  • Wait until the hp is completely off
  • Try to turn the phone  back on
  • If so, use a cellphone until the battery runs out, which is 0%
  • When the cellphone is dead, the charger is full , which is 100%
  • Then turn the battery back on
  • Use it again until the battery runs out
  • When the cellphone is off, the charger is full  , which is 100%
  • Turn your phone back on
  • Open the Settings menu
  • Select the Device Maintenance Settings menu
  • Press the Battery menu
  • Press the Battery Usage menu
  • Finish
    1. Coping With Rising Temperatures

As in the  previous explanation, that cellphone can turn off suddenly  when the temperature is too hot. You  can generally overcome this  easily.  None other than freezing  the  application first. To be  clearer, see some ways to overcome it below:

  • Use power saving mode
  • Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi
  • Lower the brightness of the hp screen
  • Avoid using your cellphone while charging the battery
  • Make sure to close all open apps at the same time
  • Use the cellphone in  a cool and shady location
  • Rest the phone for some time after wearing it

That was a complete explanation of some of the causes of cellphones turning itself off.  Make sure you find out  first what are the causes.  That way,  it will be easier  to overcome it immediately so that later the  device will not  easily turn off again when using it even though the battery is  still full.

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