Must Know The Different Causes and How To Solve Apk Not Installed
Must Know The Different Causes and How To Solve Apk Not Installed

Must Know The Different Causes and How To Solve Apk Not Installed

When you want to download an app, sometimes there are some problems that arise without you knowing it. One of them is that the application cannot be installed. In this case itself it is very important to know what are the causes and how to deal with the apk not installed.

What Are The Causes Of Apk Not Installing?

When you feel bored using a cellphone, some people prefer to download new applications in the form of games or so on. Unfortunately, the most frequent problem is that the apk does not install successfully. So what are the causes? Here are some of them:

  1. Incompatible Apps

One of the reasons the apk cannot be installed on the smartphone is because the application is not compatible. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to first what the minimum specifications are when you want to install it.

Starting from the OS, chipset, to RAM. For example, you want to download an application with the minimum specifications is the Lollipop OS, while the existing smartphones still use the KitKat OS. Of course those apks don’t work out well.

  1. Insufficient Memory

Another cause is insufficient memory. Of course, this often happens to some people, but you don’t need to worry because it is very easy to handle it. The trick is to move various large files to external memory.

Moreover, when there is insufficient memory, it certainly cannot cause the application installation process to be successful. It is very important that you free up the memory of the device first. So that later this will also not cause the cellphone to slow down and not function optimally.

  1. Incorrect Download Location

Generally, smartphone devices will provide two storage memory options. None other than external and internal. This is one of the reasons why the apk has failed to install. The reason is, sometimes there are some applications that can only be installed in the internal memory.

Therefore, it is possible that your application cannot be installed because the download takes place on an external memory. While this application can only be installed on the internal memory only, causing the download to fail.

  1. Corrupted Apk File

You need to understand, that apk is a package of Android applications that can generally be useful for storing programs when you want to run them. This apk itself can be downloaded through the site of an unofficial application provider so that it is outside the Google Playstore.

As a result of the download process occurring on an unofficial site, the application will of course not get updates and support directly from the developer. No wonder it can cause the apk to be prone to damage.

  1. Other Causes

There are also several other causes that you need to know when the apk fails to install. For example, the memory is corrupted or there are permissions that have not been approved. Therefore, in this case it is very important to give permission on the device to perform the installation.

Although it comes from even unknown sources. That way, it will be easier if at any time you want to download some applications that are outside the Google Playstore. This itself is common on devices so there is no need to worry.

How to Solve Apk Not Installing

After understanding some of the causes above, it is also very important for you to know also some ways to deal with the application not being installed. Especially if the apk is very important to use. Here are some more ways:

  1. Restart and Install Using Airplane Mode

The first way you need to do to overcome this is to restart the phone. Then make sure to reinstall it on airplane mode. To be clearer, then make sure to listen to the steps below:

  • Restart your phone
  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Tap on the apk file and start installing
  • Get the Command Blocked by Play Protect
  • Press the Keep Install menu
  • If the application is successfully installed, turn off airplane mode
  • Finish
  1. Reset App Preferences

Another way you can do this is to reset the app’s preferences. Generally, this matter is less noticed by most people. Therefore, first reset all application preferences through the Settings menu. Below are some more steps:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Press the Applications menu
  • Select the Manage Apps menu
  • Press Reset App Preferences
  • Confirm by clicking Reset Application
  • Try to install an application that displays an error
  • Setup process complete
  1. Allow App Installation

In addition to some of the methods above, you also need to apply this method if the problem still cannot be resolved. The trick is to allow the device to install even if the application is unknown. Below are some ways to do it:

  • Set up your device
  • Open the Settings/Settings menu
  • Click the Security menu
  • Select the Allow Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources menu
  • Make sure to shift the toggle to the ON position
  • Try reinstalling the app
  • Finish
  1. Turn off Google Play Protect

Did you know that Google can do the blocking of certain apks from the install process. This generally happens for security reasons. Therefore, it is very important to first disable the Google Play Proteck feature. The trick is with the following steps:

  • Open the Google Playstore application on the cellphone
  • Press the three lines at the top left of the screen
  • Find the Play Protect menu
  • Tap the menu
  • Select the Settings icon at the top right of the screen
  • Start disabling app scans using Play Protect
  • The trick is to slide the switch button to turn it off
  • Try to reinstall the application
  • Setup complete
  • However, make sure to turn the feature back on for device security
  1. Edit App Code

If you have implemented some of the methods above but still haven’t worked, then there is no need to worry. The reason is, you can edit the application code using a third-party editor so that the problem can be resolved immediately. Below is how to do it:

  • First install the apk editor on your device
  • Wait until the installation is successful
  • Run it and press the menu Select an Apk File/Select Apk from App
  • After that, select the problematic apk
  • Press the Common Edit menu
  • Change the install location of the application to Internal Only
  • In addition, make sure to also change the Version Code of the application as needed
  • Press the Save menu so that changes can be saved properly
  • You can already exit the app
  • Make sure to start installing the desired apk
  • If it can be installed, then this method works
  • Finish
  1. Apk Not Installed on Xiaomi

There are also other ways that you can apply when using a Xiaomi smartphone (MIUI). The reason is that MIUI optimization can also cause the apk to not be installed due to an error in the system. For that understand how to deal with it below:

  • Turn off the device and then turn it on
  • Start to reinstall it
  • Enter the Settings menu
  • Select Additional Settings
  • Select the Developer Options menu
  • Disable MIUI listening
  • Also enable Developer mode

That was a complete explanation of some ways to overcome apk not installed.  Before applying these methods of dealing, make sure to pay attention to first what are the causes so that this problem can be resolved effectively.

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