List of Best Wifi Breaker Apps for Android and PC
List of Best Wifi Breaker Apps for Android and PC

List of Best Wifi Breaker Apps for Android and PC

Wifi breaker applications  nowadays  often people search to get the internet  network easily  and of course for free.  Moreover,  the application is generally available on the Playstore so that anyone  can download it. Therefore, make sure to know the application recommendations.

Wifi Breaker App for Android

Most people take advantage of the app to break into the  Wifi network they want.   Now this itself,  there are indeed  many recommendations for applications that you  can use. To be   clearer, see some of them below:

  1. Hijacker – Reaver for Android

As the name implies,  you  can indeed use the application on  Android devices to perform Wifi breaches.  This application  itself is quite professional because it can be useful for various types of networks as needed.

Not only that, you can also  use it to manipulate other  users connected to a network. However, some people may still find it difficult to use it.  No  wonder it’s not good enough for beginners.

  1. Aircrack

Including one of  the  applications that  you can use to obtain Wifi codes in  an easy way on all networks.  Users even only need to connect to the network first then activate the application to start the transfer process.

That way,  this application will find out the Wifi code password  automatically.  If you have successfully connected, then you can immediately access the  internet freely.  Of course it will be very easy to open various sites as you wish.

  1. Wifi Spoofer

Including as one of  the applications to break into Wifi developed by Saad Alareqi.  The application  will help you show quality details  as well as information  on a network.  Starting from latency,  network speed,  traffic capacity and others.

However, before using this application, users need to  root it first.  No  wonder its use is indeed quite troublesome than others.  It’s just that  , you  can use  the application to the fullest in breaking into Wifi.

  1. zANTI

This app  you  can use easily  to break into Wifi.  How come?  Every user even just perlu install the app only on the phone.  That way they can already carry out the scanning process  on various types of networks.

In order to do it successfully,  it’s a good idea to choose a Wifi network with a fairly low security system.  The reason is that  the high-security system will  of course be more difficult to break into.  If you are  still confused about  using it, then there is nothing wrong with  looking for the tutorial  first.

  1. WifiKill

This application is  not only you  can use to break into Wifi only. However, each user can manage the traffic that enters  the Wifi router.  Users will also  get many advantages when wearing it.  Therefore, try to use it.

Such advantages  are like providing a simple interface.  Of course, it is very easy for users if they are  a beginner so they are still not very tech-savvy  .  The app can  also  help disconnect someone’s connection for  faster Wifi.

  1. WPS Connect

You can take advantage of the WPS Connect  app to break into wifi networks. The type of network that can be compromised with this application is WPS.  The application  itself can function on a variety of devices, so it  is not surprising that  its use is quite easy.

You  can even do the scanning process quickly  without the need to wait any longer  if you want to break into wifi.  Unfortunately,  you  cannot use this one application to break into Wifi with the type  of WPA  network so you can use other application recommendations.

  1. Wifi Map

Included as one of  the best Wifi hack  apps. This is  none other than because users can use it without the  need to   root the device  first.  Of course its use is  also very easy especially for finding a free  Secaa Wifi  connection.

You  can use the application called Wifi Map  in various regions as you wish.  Not only that, but users can also  detect the Wifi  network around them.  This includes displaying other information in detail to make the network easier to connect.

  1. Wifi Inspector

Not only useful for breaking into Wifi networks, when using this application you can also use it to audit the security level of  a network.   That way,  it will be easier to maintain the  security of the network when using it.

The app will also  show you what kind of network security  level  you are using will be.   It also doesn’t  hurt to take advantage of it to manipulate other  users when connected to  one network.  Unfortunately, not all networks can be compromised with the application.

 Bobol Wifi App  for PC

There are many apps that  you can utilize to break into Wifi on PC.  To use it yourself, of course, it is necessary to  install it first on a device with a Windows  operating system. Below  are the recommendations of such applications:

  1. Snot Water

This application for breaking wifi has a size not too big.  Of course, it will be very easy if you want to use it on various  PC or laptop devices. As for the advantage, the appearance is so simple that its use is convenient for everyone.

The Air Snot  will work  automatically with the aim of scanning the Wifi network.  Another advantage  is  that it can break into any type of  Wifi network.  Be it WPA or WPS.  It’s just that  you   can’t  update the application so that only the old  version is available.

  1. NetStumbler

You  can make  this one application   an option because the interface is very complex.  Its use is  also quite compatible with both laptops and PCs.  Not only that, NetStumbler also offers a working system that is suitable for users when they already understand the  network.

However, if you still don’t know much about the network, then you may  experience some difficulties.  Especially in adjusting and doing Wifi breaches.  Therefore, its use is still not suitable for beginners.

  1. Network Tools

Is one of the next Wifi network breaker applications that  you can choose. However, the  Fing can  also be useful for displaying the quality of the internet  network. Its use is also very friendly so it is suitable for beginners though.

When using it, you will find it easier to analyze the  quality of a network in  detail.  What’s more,  the level of  security of the application is not limited.  Of course, you can easily  use it as needed at any time.  Unfortunately, there are ads on  the application.

  1. Cain and Abel

Is one  type of Wifi hack  application that  you can install on a PC or laptop.  When comparing with other applications, cain and Abel provide a fairly simple display.  Even so, the features are quite  complete than others.

Moreover, the use of the application is also very easy for beginners.  The reason is, users also don’t need many processes if they want to break into Wifi.  The size itself is also quite small so there is  no need to  provide  a high-specification device  when you want to use it.

Those were some recommendations for the  best WiFi breaker apps that  you can use.  Whether it’s on  an Android device or a PC.  Each application itself certainly has its own  advantages and  disadvantages.  Therefore, make sure to choose according to  your needs.

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