Knowing the Causes and How to Solve SIM No Service
Knowing the Causes and How to Solve SIM No Service

Knowing the Causes and How to Solve SIM No Service

One of the  problems that often  occurs in  smartphone users is that the SIM has no  service. Therefore,  it is very important that you immediately know how to solve sim no service.  Especially if you want to use it to make calls  or send messages.

Some Causes of SIM No Service

Basically, there are several causes that make  there is no service on your Android SIM card. This is  also  a sign that the  card cannot  capture the network.  No wonder the  activity of using a cellphone can be disrupted.  So, what are the causes of this happening?

Among them are  problems with the  cellphone system,  be it errors or bugs,  SIM cards that have been damaged, there are damaged cellphone  components although this rarely happens, to the  network in  your location turns out to be experiencing  a disturbance.  Of course, it is very important to know the cause in advance.

In fact,  the problem can  suddenly occur on various types of smartphone  devices. This can also  happen to all providers so make sure to know immediately  how to deal with it.  That way,  you can reuse the  SIM card as needed.

How to Solve SIM No Service

You  need to understand, that how to overcome a SIM  card is not available this service  is  certainly very important to know.  The reason is, this can  happen without knowing the type of smartphone. To be clearer, then look at some of the complete  ways below:

  1. Enable Airplane Mode

The first  way  you can do this is  to turn on airplane mode  even if it’s just  a few moments.  That way, the mode is not only useful for stabilizing the network.  The reason is that you can also  check the condition of the SIM whether there is a service or not.  Here’s how:

  • Open the top menu or bar pane
  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Wait about 15-30 seconds only
  • If so, turn off the mode again
  • Check sinyakny services
  • If it has already appeared, then test by making a call
  • If it still does not appear, then try to do a restart
  1. Ensuring apn settings are correct

If  the SIM  service is not available when you want to connect your cellphone to the  internet network, then there is nothing wrong  with applying this one method.  None other than  by trying to check the APN  settings first and making sure they are correct. Here’s  how to do it in full:

  • Go to settings menu
  • Select the SIM Card menu
  • Click Cellular Network
  • Then directly select APN
  • Create a new APN or edit the old APN
  • These settings  generally vary according to the provider
  1. Clearing Hp Cache

Furthermore, you can also  solve this problem by clearing the cellphone cache. Cache itself is a collection of data that  is stored automatically  when users use their smartphones. As for its function, it is to optimize the system. Below  is how:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Enter the Applications menu
  • Select the  app you want to clear the cache for
  • Tap on the Storage option
  • Select Clear Cache
  • Finish
  1. Restart/Restart Hp

If some of the methods above  still do not work, then there is nothing wrong with applying other methods. One of them is to restart the cellphone.  In  this way, the smartphone will come back from scratch. To be   clearer, see how below:

  • Set up your smartphone
  • Directly press the Power button
  • Hold for a few moments
  • Select the Restart menu
  • Wait for the phone to restart  the system
  • Umumnya each cellphone has a different way of restarting
  1. Disassemble and Install the SIM

If you want to make sure whether there is a problem with the  SIM  card service system, then it  never  hurts to try to  disassemble the SIM  first.  Of course, this  method  is quite effective to ascertain  whether interference occurs in the cellphone or SIM. Below  is how:

  • Turn off the phone by pressing the Power button
  • Press and hold in a few seconds
  • Then select Turn Off Hp/Power Off
  • Wait until the hp is completely off
  • Remove the SIM  card from its slot
  • Wait up to a while
  • Reinstall the SIM as before
  • Turn it on by pressing the Power button
  • Press in a few seconds
  • Pay attention to whether the SIM is available for service or not
  1. Clean SIM Card

After you disassemble  the  SIM  card,  it  also doesn’t hurt to apply this one way.  None other than  cleaning the SIM card  itself.   That way,  it could be that  the problem occurs because the DRIVER’S LICENSE is dirty.  Below is the full explanation

  • Clean the SIM card from dirt or dust
  • Make sure that  no dirt sticks anymore
  • The dirt  can block SIM  connectivity and cellphone slots
  • As a result, the SIM cannot be read so that the service is not available
  • If so, put the SIM card back in
  • Turn on the smartphone by pressing Power for a while
  1. Use Another SIM Card

You  need to understand, that damage to the  SIM card components can also  cause the network to become an error.  As a result the service is not available on smartphones.    Therefore, try to overcome it by using another SIM  card below:

  • Set up a new SIM card
  • Make  sure the card is still active
  • There is nothing wrong with using different types of providers
  • Turn off the phone by pressing the Power menu
  • Wait until the hp is completely off
  • Unlock the old SIM card
  • Replace with a new SIM card
  • Restart the smartphone as before
  • Check if the service is available
  • Finish
  1. Contact a CS Provider

If some of the methods above  are  still not the solution, then there is nothing wrong with trying other  ways.  That is by directly  contacting the customer service according to their respective providers.  Then, tell the problem to the CS.

  • Contact your CS provider
  • Complained about the matter to the officer
  • The provider will make improvements if possible
  • If not, ask to exchange the driver’s license for a new one
  • Don’t forget to also ask not to change the cellphone number
  1. Take it to the Service Place

You can also  bring your cellphone and SIM card  directly  to the nearest service  place.  Later,  the relevant officers will certainly immediately find out  what is the cause of the problem and then help fix it.

  • Back up the data before taking it to the service location
  • If the cellphone is damaged, just take it to the service center
  • If the card is damaged, replace the new card or swap the old card
  1. Perform a Factory Reset

You  can apply this method  if the problem has not been resolved.  Try to do a factory reset on the cellphone. This is  because the factory reset is indeed proven to improve the cellphone  system by  restoring it to the initial settings. Below   are some ways to do it:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Swipe down
  • Select the General Management menu
  • Select the Reset option
  • Press Factory Data Reset to erase all data on the cellphone
  • Before doing so, make sure important data has been moved

That was a complete explanation of some ways to overcome SIM no service and their causes.  After understanding this method,  it is certainly very easy for you to immediately overcome it if this  problem occurs at any time unexpectedly.

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