How to Solve IDM Not Automatically Downloaded
How to Solve IDM Not Automatically Downloaded

How to Solve IDM Not Automatically Downloaded

One of the downloader applications that until now there are still many users is IDM or Internet Download Manager. It’s just that sometimes IDM doesn’t automatically download. ¬†Therefore, try to know how to deal with it.

Get to Know First What is IDM

IDM or Internet Download Manager is the best download manager that you can use on a PC or laptop. This software is indeed paid but there is no need to worry because the result will be totally worth the price.

The reason is, IDM is quite popular to speed up the download process. Of course it is very easy for you to manage download files to make it easier. Moreover, there are many people who have used the manager because it is superior in terms of speed.

No wonder that downloads on IDM will later be faster than other downloads without using the manager. IDM will also access the server in a few times and then its downloads can occur in parallel so that it is faster.

Some Causes of IDM Not Auto Downloading

When IDM suddenly doesn’t want to automatically download, of course you are wondering what are the causes. Moreover, not many people know this. Therefore, it is very important to look for references and more information.

Generally, such problems can occur due to several different causes. Starting from IDM has not been integrated with the browser, the IDM extension is still not active, the IDM version is outdated, and there are many more.

Another cause is that there is an IDM service that turns out to be an error, the browser you are using does not support IDM, the file format also does not support it, besides that, it can also happen because the browser version is too old. For that, make sure to immediately know how to deal with it.

Cara Overcome IDM Not Automatically Downloaded

One of the problems that often occurs with IDM is that it does not want to automatically download. If this happens to you, then of course it is confused how to deal with it. To be clearer, then look at some of the steps in the explanation below:

  1. Restart IDM

One way you can do if you want to solve the problem of not downloading automatically is to restart IDM. That way, all services from the application will stop and then restart. Below are some complete ways:

  • Open the System Tray menu
  • Right-click the IDM icon
  • Select the Exit or Exit menu
  • It can also be done by pressing CTRL + Shift + Esc
  • Task Manager will open automatically
  • Open the Processes menu
  • Search IDM or Internet Download Manager
  • Press the End Task menu
  • Reopen the app
  • Then do the download process again
  • Finish
    1. Enable Browser Support

Did you know, that the Internet Download Manager application provides a settings menu. The goal is none other than to regulate browser support and integration. Moreover, the problem of not automatically downloading can occur because browser support is not yet active. Below is how:

  • Open the Internet Download Manager application
  • Press the Download menu
  • Click the Options or Options menu
  • Select the General menu
  • Make sure the browser you’re using is checked
  • Also check the menu Use advanced browser integration
  • After that press OK
  • The settings will be saved
  • Press the Add Browser menu
  • Then add your browser app
    1. Check IDM Extension

Most Internet Download Manager users do not realize, that the IDM extension in the browser is still not active. No wonder it will not appear later when doing the downloading process. Therefore, do some of the following ways:

  • Open the Google Chrome app
  • Press the Extensions menu in the top right bar
  • Press the Manage Extensions menu
  • Check the IDM Integration Module extension
  • If it is active then the position is ON
  • If it is not already active, open the Extensions menu in Google Chrome
  • Press windows menu + E at the same time
  • Wait until File Explorer opens
  • Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager
  • Next, find the file with the name IDMGCExt.crx
  • Drag and drop right in the Extensions section of Chrome
  • Enable Internet Download Manager extension
    1. Restart Browser

Another way you can do this is to restart the browser. The reason is, it could be that not wanting to download automatically can occur because the browser application has an error. Therefore, it is very important to restart the browser. Below are the steps:

  • Close the browser application first
  • Open Bagk Manager
  • How to press the CTRL + Shift + Esc keys
  • Search and end task all processes according to the browser name
    1. Check The File Format

Did you know, that not all file formats are supportive for Internet Download Manager applications. The reason is, it could be that IDM does not automatically download because the file does not support it. Therefore, make sure to check the file format first. Below are some of the steps:

  • Run the IDM application
  • Open the Download menu
  • Select the Options menu
  • Press the File Type menu
  • See a list of formats that the app supports
  • Add your own if the file is not in the list
    1. End Process Explorer.exe

You need to know, that Explorer.exe is the main process in a Windows device. No wonder it becomes the main navigation on other programs. Each process can also manage all notifications from other applications. Below is how to stop the process:

  • Press CTRL + Shift + Esc keys
  • Press the Processes menu
  • Select the Windows Explorer menu
  • Right-click and press the End Task menu
  • Select the File menu
  • Press the Run New Task menu
  • Next, type explorer.exe
  • Press OK
  • Finish
    1. Update your IDM

Another way you can do to overcome not automatic downloads is to update IDM. Moreover, if the IDM version is too old. Of course, it doesn’t work optimally. Below is how to do the update:

  • Open the Internet Download Manager application
  • Press the Help menu
  • Click the Check Update menu
  • Press the Update Now menu again
  • Wait for the update process to complete
  • You can already use IDM again
    1. Browser Updates

The next way you can do to solve this problem is to update the browser. The reason is, the browser version can also certainly affect the performance of the Internet Download Manager. No wonder it can’t be downloaded automatically.

Generally, it will be directly related to support or integration. In addition, differences in application versions that are too far away can also result in failed support. Therefore, it is very important to update the browser immediately.

  1. Reinstall IDM

The last way you can do is to reinstall IDM. This method can be an alternative solution if the previous few steps have not been successful. Therefore, try to reinstall the IDM application on your laptop or computer first.

Next, you can reinstall it with the latest version. There is also nothing wrong with restarting the PC / laptop in order to run the program more effectively. This method can also be useful for restarting all processes that are already running.

That was a complete explanation of how to overcome IDM not automatically downloaded.  Of course, you can apply this method easily. That way, this application can be useful again as before. Users can use it again so that the download process is maximized.

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