How to Create a Free SSH Account and Its Site Recommendations
How to Create a Free SSH Account and Its Site Recommendations

How to Create a Free SSH Account and Its Site Recommendations

Do you want to create an account on SSH? If so, then make sure first to understand how to create a free SSH account.  Moreover, the manufacturing process is fairly easy to do. Currently, there are already many sites to make it as you wish.

Get to Know What is SSA

You need to know, that SSH or Secure Shell is a network protocol that is useful for exchanging data through a secure channel between two devices. SSH itself also includes a development version of Telnet with much higher security.

The reason is, every process of exchanging data via SSH will later go through an encryption process. No wonder that until now there have been many people using it. Moreover, to create your own SSH account can be done for free at no cost.

To be more effective, you can also take advantage of the SSH site to sign up for an account for free. Moreover, this site allows its users to access without the need to register first. That way, the process is very fast and easy.

Site Recommendations for Create SSH Account

If you want to create an SSH account, then it is very important to first understand what the site recommendations are to create it. Nowadays, there are many SSH service provider sites for free. In order not to miss information, check out some of these sites below:

  1. SSHKit

As the name implies, this site you can use to register for an SSH account. SSHKit itself divides their services into 3 large regions. Starting from Europe, Asia, to North America. On this site every user can create an account for free without spending any fees.

On the SSHKIT website, users will get a free account creation service even though it is only valid within 30 days. You can also renew this account at any time. In addition, users can also get unlimited bandwidth without any server restrictions.

  1. FastSSH

It is one of the SSH service provider sites that you can get for free. FastSSH also provides servers in 6 regions in various parts of the world without any more costs. Starting from Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Oceania, to Africa.

In each region or region itself, there are also several choices of countries that you can choose from. During the site, users can create a free SSH account every day. The maximum limit is 3 accounts in one day.

  1. FullSSH

Including one of the site recommendations for creating an SSH account. FullSSH itself is available for free on premium servers. Moreover, there are many servers that users can get and use without the need to pay a certain amount of fees first so there is nothing wrong with using them.

There is also a fairly good speed of each connection on the server. If you want to access free services on the site, then make sure to create an SSH account first. The method is very easy, namely by entering the username and password.

  1. Best VPN SSH

Including one of the sites that you can use to register ssh for free. Moreover, these sites are very rarely experienced full servers. Of course, you won’t worry about the server being full when using it when there are many people registering for SSH.

Not only that, this site itself also provides a large selection of servers in various countries. Best VPN SSH also includes sites that are already quite senior than others. It’s just that, there are still many people who are not familiar with the site.

  1. com

Including one of the SSH list sites for free which is fast, secure and has many features available. You’ll get a good free VPN if you choose this site to create an SSH account. This site itself also provides many advantages for its users.

One of these advantages is the feature to check whether the account is still active or not on the server. There is also a free Url Shortener feature for every user. The active period itself is 3-30 depending on the server you are using.

  1. PortSSH

Another site that is no less good for registering for an SSH account is PortSSH. The site can even compete with various other senior sites though. No wonder it is worth using the site. The available servers are also not much different from others.

Such as servers from the countries of the Australian region, America, Europe, to Asia. PortSSH itself is claimed to have an attractive appearance. Until now, the site itself is still the right choice for everyone.

How to Create a Free SSH Account

After understanding some of the free SSH service sites above, then of course it is not complete if you still don’t understand how to create an account. Moreover, the manufacturing process itself is fairly easy. Here are some more ways:

  1. On the FastSSH Site

When you want to sign up for an SSH account, then you can take advantage of the services of the FastSSH site. How to create an account itself is fairly easy and fast. Therefore, set up an internet connection and apply some of the steps below:

  • Go to the site
  • Select the desired region or region
  • After that select the country where the server is located
  • Next, select the server that is still available for you to use
  • For servers that are full, it will generally have a full label in red
  • You can use the rest of the server
  • The screen will lead to the account creation page
  • Swipe down
  • Enter username and password
  • View information about the finished SSH account
  • Get information about the SSH IP and port on the top of the web
  1. On the Site

Another site you can use to sign up for an SSH account for free is To open such web pages users can take advantage of various devices as desired. Whether it’s via PC or Android. Below are some of the ways:

  • Open the browser app
  • Go to the site
  • On the dashboard of the website swipe down
  • Press the Get Premium SSH & VPN Account menu
  • You will be logged in on the Select Region view
  • There are SSH and VPN options, make sure to choose SSH only
  • Select SSH on Asian server
  • Select SSH server Singapore again
  • There will be a large selection of servers
  • You can select Singapore Premium/Singapore DO servers
  • Press the Create Premium Account menu
  • Users can already create an account
  • Enter username and password
  • Enter the captcha number first
  • Press the create menu
  • The expiration period reaches 1 week
  • Account creation completed
  1. On the Site is a site that you can also use to register for an SSH account. The registration process can go through different types of devices. Whether it’s a PC or An Android. For more details, check out the full review below:

  • Open the browser app
  • Go to site
  • When you enter the website interface, there is an option
  • Make sure you select SSH
  • Press SSH Server Asia
  • If you have, then there will be a display of some countries
  • There is nothing wrong with choosing Singapore
  • Then there will be a large selection of servers next
  • Make sure to choose Singapore DO
  • Start entering the username and password
  • The active period is one week
  • If you want more, then use the one-month plan

Those were some complete explanations on how to create a free SSH account and the site recommendations. Nowadays anyone can do it in an easy and practical way without worrying about spending a lot of money though.

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