Get to know the LINE Application , Features, and How to Download LINE di Laptop Quickly
Get to know the LINE Application , Features, and How to Download LINE di Laptop Quickly

Get to know the LINE Application , Features, and How to Download LINE di Laptop Quickly

LINE is one of   the chat applications that currently  has many users.  Everyone  can now download it easily  , be it on a cellphone or laptop as they wish.  Before that, make sure to first understand how to download LINE on a laptop.

Get to know what is LINE

LINE is a chat  app made in Japan that  you can use for free.  Users only need to set up an internet  connection if they want to use it.  Of course, it will be easier and  more practical if you want to connect with people remotely  without the  need to use credit even though.

You    can use the LINE  application  itself on Android devices, iphones, or laptops.  To use it, then make sure to  download the app  first.  Then start to contact the closest people  easily.

Moreover, there are many people who still don’t know how to download it.  Especially if you want to use it on a laptop. LINE  itself is available as a desktop  application as well as UWP or Universal Windows Platform.

What Are The Features Of LINE?

After knowing about what the LINE  application is  , then of course it is not complete if you are not familiar with its features.  What’s more,  this application provides interesting entertainment services for each of its users. Below   are some of those features:

  1. Chat and Video Calls

Not much different  from chat  applications in general,  you can also use LINE  to carry out various communication activities.  Start  chatting or sending messages, videos, photos, voice calls, video calls, stories, groups, and so on.

In addition, each user can also  share attachment file formats  with  each other. Starting from PNG, JPG, ZIP, RAR, and others.  Users can also  share keep, location, contacts, schedules, polls, split bills so that the features are somewhat more complete than other chat  applications.

  1. Sticker

When it comes to  Stickers, then LINE is the champion.  The reason is,  the application offers a variety of funny, unique, and interesting stickers  that are  not even available in other chat applications.  It’s no wonder that  there are many people interested in  using it.

Moreover,  chat applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp and others are  also not as complete as these applications.  There is also a  Sticker  Store feature so that every user can download Stickers easily.  Whether it’s for free or paid.

  1. LINE Jobs

When  LINE  users need a job, they can take advantage of the   LINE Jobs feature. This feature  itself allows each user to  get a job according to the nearest location. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate if you want to use it.

The reason is that  the locker is not a scam. This is  none other than because LINE has collaborated   directly with the locker site.  It’s no wonder that its existence is legal and  you can trust.  Of course, there are already many users taking advantage of this feature.

  1. LINE Shopping

The LINE application also provides products through the marketplace.  That way, every user can enjoy the service.  Moreover, the LINE Shopping  feature itself has collaborated with iPrice which is a  price comparison site  in Indonesia.

Of course, various user needs can be met just by utilizing the LINE Shopping  feature. You can order different  types of products.  Starting from laptops, chargers, pants, t-shirts, clothes, and  many others.

  1. Watch Now

Including one of  the  features of  the LINE  application that many fans are interested in.  Bagaimana no?  Every user can watch various entertainment videos  as well as get interesting information from LINE Today.  Not only can you access it through the application but also  through the official website.

You can also  access it either via smartphone or laptop.  Of course, this  feature is not available on  other applications.  No  wonder there are still many people at home using the application because there are many excellent features that are more interesting.

  1. LINE Today

Including online news portals that contain interesting information about the world  of  entertainment, artists, automotive, music, games, technology, and  many  others. The LINE Today feature itself is still  part of LINE Corporation so it has collaborated  with many national media.

Starting from Liputan6, Kompas, Kumparan, Medcom, and  many more.   That way, every user can access the  LINE Today  feature to get the latest news at any time  so they won’t  miss any information.

  1. LINE Webtoon

You  need to know, that LINE Webtoon is a webtoon portal that has been developed by Naver Corporation since  2004 in South Korea.  It’s no wonder that  every user can find a variety of exciting comics every day for free and free.

LINE itself collaborates with Naver Corporation so that every user can easily  access all comics through the LINE  application.  There is also  nothing wrong if you download the LINE Webtoon  application specifically on Google.

How to Download LINE di Laptop

LINE is one of  the most popular chat apps  with quite a lot of users.  It’s no wonder that  there are many people wanting to download the app.  Unfortunately, some of them don’t know how yet.  For that, see the steps below:

  1. Downloading on Laptop/PC

If you want to use LINE on a laptop, then make sure to first prepare the device to download it.  Before that, make sure the  laptop is connected to an internet  connection for the download to be  successful. Below  is how to download more:

  • Install line app like downloading other apps on laptop
  • Press the Next and Finish menus
  • Open the app
  • Login using username or email
  • Enter password
  • If you still don’t have a LINE account, log in by Signing up
  • You can also press Login me in automatically if you already have a LINE account
  • Also select the Run LINE When Windows Starts menu to have the application open automatically
  • Press the Login menu to enter the LINE application on the laptop
  • Get a number in the form of a verification code in the LINE smartphone application
  • Enter the code
  • Press the Verify menu
  • The LINE app will open
    1. Downloading on Windows 10

You can also  download the LINE  app via the Windows Store.  Of course,  the way it is downloaded is  not difficult.  The reason is,  it is not much different when you want to download other  applications on the Google Playstore or App Store. Below   are the full steps:

  • Open your Windows Store app
  • Search for the LINE app
  • Download the app
  • If it works, open the app
  • Login using email and password
  • Verify via smartphone
  • LINE will open
  • You can already use it as you wish
    1. Downloading Via Chrome

As you know, Chrome is an applicationasi search that  currently has many users.  No  wonder everyone can also  take advantage of it to download the LINE application on a laptop. Below  are some of the steps:

  • Open the Chrome app
  • Download line app
  • Wait until the downloading process is complete
  • Click the LINE app to open
  • Login with password and email
  • Verify
  • Line  can already be used to connect with others

That was a complete explanation of some ways to download LINE on a laptop that  you can do. Nowadays anyone  can easily download the app. Then use the application as needed to be able to  connect with the people closest to you.

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