Easy Ways to Remove Old Windows
Easy Ways to Remove Old Windows

Easy Ways to Remove Old Windows

Have you  updated your computer to the latest Windows? If so, then it is very important to first understand  how to remove Windows Old.  Moreover, the old Windows files  will certainly remain  on the operating system with a fairly  large data  size.

Get to know about Windows Old

You  need to understand first that Windows Old is a folder that contains old Windows files when you have upgraded to the latest operating system.  For example, from Windows 8.1 then to Windows 10.   That way,  it never  hurts to delete the folder  first.

Moreover,  the  folder size of this Windows Old one is generally very diverse.  Its existence  even tends to take up  space up to several GB in the device’s memory or storage. Therefore, of course it is very important to immediately know how to remove it first.

This folder  itself will generally contain backup data from the old or previous operating system.  Of course, if you have switched to a new operating system  , you don’t need the folder  anymore.  If it is not erased immediately, it will certainly  take up a lot of space.

Why Is Windows Old File Size Large?

As in the  previous explanation, that Windows Old contains a special folder  of  backup data from the old  operating system.  The size itself memang is large enough  so that it  can cause users to be less comfortable even though they are already using the latest version of Windows.

This will certainly make the storage system drive  more crowded and crowded so that it  can interfere with the  process of running programs on the laptop.  It’s no wonder that  deleting the folder  can be  a very useful solution.  Especially if the computer storage space is  too crowded.

In order to have a lot of space back, then try to delete the folder  immediately.  Then, if after upgrading but feel uncomfortable, then no why.  The reason is, you  can still downgrade to the previous version of Windows.

Functions Old Windows

The existence of Windows Old here is certainly impossible  to  be present and available to its users without a clear purpose.   Windows itself makes it a solution if you want to install ulang without the need to lose the complete data  in it.

For example, if you want to  reinstall it. However, after the installation process  was successful, it turned out that the data was lost. From there, users can overwrite existing  operating systems by accessing the  Old Windows folder.  Of course, its existence is very useful for every user.

Nowadays, there are indeed many ways you  can do to save data. However, the existence of the  folder is among the most effective. This folder  can be  useful so that the owner can return to the version of Windows especially if it has failed to perform an update.

Is It Safe To Remove Old Windows?

Of course it is very safe if you want to remove Old Windows.  What’s more, don’t want to go back to the previous version of Windows anymore.   That way, it’s completely safe if you want to delete it.  The reason is, its existence will  not have an influence on the latest Windows.

However, try to have a full back up regularly.  That way, you  can still install previous versions of Windows  especially in emergencies. This step   needs to be done to avoid unwanted  things.

In addition, it is very important that you  correctly move   your  personal documents and settings  when installing the latest Windows.  The reason is, when you have installed the  latest version, the option to  return to the previous version on the  Settings page is no longer available.

How to Remove Old Windows

If you have  upgraded Windows to the latest version, then of course  the old Windows files will be left in the new Windows. Therefore, be sure to first understand some ways to remove more in  the explanation below:

  1. With File Explorer

The first  step you can take if you  want to delete the old Windows files  is to take advantage of File Explorer. This method  itself  is quite easy and practical to do. Therefore  , see the following steps:

  • Open the Disk Cleanup program
  • Select the Windows installation drive
  • Press the Cleanup System Files menu
  • Wait a few moments for you to find the search
  • Start deleting Old Windows
  • Generally file  size reaches 9-25 GB or more
  • When finished press Ok
  • Confirm the next clue
  • Finish
  1. With Storage Sense

In addition   to deleting old Windows files  in the above  ways, you can also  do it in  other ways.  None other than  by utilizing the Storage Sense menu.  Moreover,  this method, of course,  people  have often used it. Here’s  how to do it in full:

  • Enter the Settings menu first
  • The trick is to press the menu button then select the Settings icon
  • If so, wait for it to enter the new view
  • Press the System menu
  • Press the Storage menu
  • In the Storage Sense section press the Free up Space Now menu
  • Wait until the system finishes scanning
  • It will be displayed those files that you can delete including Windows Old
  • Check and select the files you want to delete
  • Press the Remove Files menu
  • Wait until the system deletes all its files
  • Finish

How to Uninstall with Additional Apps

Apart from applying some of the above methods, you can also  remove them by utilizing additional applications. Therefore  , make sure to know first how to overcome it in full in the explanation below:

  1. Disk Cleanup

Disk   Cleanup is one of  the  built-in Windows  features that has the basic function of  removing junk files.  Not only that, but users can later also  use it to clean Windows Old. Below  are some of the steps:

  • Open File Explorer
  • Right click on C drive
  • Make sure to select the Properties menu
  • If so, select the Disk Cleanup menu
  • Press the Clean up System Files menu again
  • Be sure to check the Previous Windows Installations option
  • Continue by pressing the Enter menu to delete
  • Confirm the deletion
  • Press the Delete Files menu
  • Windows Old successfully deleted
  • If the process is successful then Windows Old will disappear
  1. CCleaner

Meform one of  the  applications from Piriform.  Its function is to optimize the  system.  Whether it’s to clean up junk, delete problematic registries, and  many others.  If you want to use it to remove Old Windows,  here’s how:

  • Open CCleaner first
  • Select the Option menu
  • Press the Include menu
  • Next tekan add button
  • Check the Driver or Folder option
  • Click the Browse menu
  • Locate the Old Windows folder on C drive
  • After that, tekan menu OK
  • Then press the Yes menu
  • Select the Custom Clean menu
  • Check the Custom Files and Folders option
  • Press the Custom Clean menu
  • Click the Run Cleaner menu
  • Wait until the device starts the cleaning process
  • A delete notification will appear
  • Press the Continue menu to confirm
  • Finish

Those were some ways to remove Windows Old that  you can apply in  an easy way as needed.  Try to use one of  the  above methods so that the removal process  can be  successful.  That way, the storage space  on the computer will be more spacious again.

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