Android Secret Codes agar Can Access Various Hidden Features
Android Secret Codes agar Can Access Various Hidden Features

Android Secret Codes agar Can Access Various Hidden Features

Not many people know that there are various secret codes that turn out to be  embedded in a smartphone with the Android  operating system . In fact, this is not only true of  certain  mobile phone brands.  Therefore, immediately know what the secret codes of  Android  are.

List of Android Secret Codes  You Need to Know

You  need to know that basically  not all Android  device users are aware of the various secret codes on mobile phones.  In fact, if you know it, of course  there are many benefits that can be obtained. To be   clearer, know the  various codes and their uses below:

  1. Device Shutdown Code

You can use the code *#*#7594#*#* to quickly turn off the device.  Android devices themselves will display a variety of options menus when the user  presses the power button.  Examples include flight  mode,  data network mode  , restart, until the power is off.

If you want to turn off your device without the need to receive many menu  options, then of course  this secret code can be  the most appropriate choice.  Moreover, when the power button on the phone  is no longer working. If you haven’t had time to fix it, then use the code.

  1. Screen Response Code

Have you ever felt confused as to why smartphone screens are less responsive? If so, then it is very important to immediately check the  condition of the touch screen.  That way,  it will be easier  to find out what the problem is.

How to check it yourself is fairly easy.  Moreover,  the detection process is  certainly very important with  the aim  of avoiding further  damage.  The trick is to  press *#*#2664#*#* on the phone dial.  Then know the information about the  response of the screen.

  1. Camera Check Code

You  can then use the secret code  to check the camera.  Moreover,   the  camera feature is one of  the most accessed by users.  For example, taking a selfie. Therefore,  this feature is useful for showing the performance of the camera.

The trick is to  press the code *#*#34971539#*#*.  When using the secret code, it will  of course  be  easier  to check the  quality as well as the  condition of  the phone camera  according to  its specifications.  Is it still working properly  or vice versa.

  1. Internet and Operator Check Code

The process of checking the internet and network operator is  certainly very important for you  to do.  Especially if you want to browse but it turns out that the cellular network suddenly does not work.  Therefore, make sure to check first so that  the problem is quickly detected.

The trick is to  use the secret code *#*#197328640#*#*.  The use of the secret code will certainly help the owner  of the mobile phone to check the abnormal conditions on the  internet network.  Of course, you  will not be confused if the internet suddenly does not connect.

  1. LCD Screen Color Check Code

If you feel that  there is something strange on the  LCD  screen display, then try to check the  color and detail of  the screen.   That way,  it will be easier to confirm whether the  screen can still function normally or not in displaying menus and features according to commands.

Of course, there is no need to be confused if you want to check the  color or display of the LCD  screen just by utilizing the  secret code *#*#0*#*#*.  Try to use the code to get information about the  device’s LCD  in an easy way.

  1. Bluetooth Check Code

You can use the code *#*#232331#*#* to check bluetooth performance in  an easy way.  Moreover, even though there are already many various file transfer  applications present, but the bluetooth feature is  still the choice by  Android users.

Therefore,  there is nothing wrong if you use the secret code to make sure whether the feature can still function properly. Bluetooth itself can be the right choice if you don’t want to download a file transfer application on the device.

  1. GPS Quality Check Code

You  need to know, that GPS is one of  the important features in Android  devices.  Moreover, of course there are many applications that require GPS  activation in order to  operate smoothly. One  example is  Google Maps.

Therefore, make sure to know the quality and performance of these  GPS  features  on the device before using it.  The method is very easy, namely by utilizing the  secret code *#*#1472365#*#*.   You will get  detailed information about GPS  quickly.

  1. Check Usage Information and Statistics

Secret code *#*#4636#*#* can be a great choice if you want to get an explanation of the information and statistics on the use of features on the device.   That way, every user will certainly be helped when using the feature.

Later, every smartphone  user will get information about the condition of  the battery, SIM card, network, and various other features as needed. An example of using this feature is to make improvements to  the  cellphone network.

  1. Check IMEI Number

When you want to buy a phone in a new or used condition, it is very important to check the   IMEI number. This is  because IMEI is the identity of a smartphone  itself.   That way, users can find out about the legality of the smartphone  when they want to use it.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to check the   IMEI number. However, you don’t need to worry because the method is very easy. One of them is to take advantage of the following secret code *#06#.

  1. Hardware and Software Check Code

In addition to some of the  codes above, of course  there are many other codes. One of them is a  secret code that  you can use to check software and hardware on a mobile phone. The code  is *#12580*369#.  By checking it,  users can find out the use of software.

The reason is,  the use of the  software can later have an influence on the performance of  applications on mobile phones.  Not only that, you can also  find out information about whether the hardware  can still function properly  or vice versa.

  1. Code Factory Reset

The factory reset feature on the smartphone can serve to restore  the smartphone settings in the  factory initial settings.  Until now   , not a few  mobile users have used it to delete a variety of unimportant  data.

The code  is *#*#770#*#*. You  can use this  secret code  at any time  as needed.  Moreover, to check the factory reset of each user  no longer needs to look for it on the  general settings menu  though.  Just use  the code on the device.

  1. Wifi Check Code

Every  smartphone  user has certainly used Wifi to access the internet.   That way,  the access process  will be faster  to do. However, who would have thought that you as an  Android  user could take advantage of the  secret code *#*#23239#*#* to check the Wifi.

When using  this method  , you  no longer need to mess with the network menu  in  the  general settings of the phone.  The reason is, users only need to take advantage of the  secret code on  the device to get detailed  information about Wifi according to their respective needs.

That was a complete explanation of some of the Android secret codes that can be useful for unlocking hidden features that  you  can know.  Of course, these  various codes can be the right choice so that later they  can do various needs as needed in  an easy and practical way.

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